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Past Programs

Program Spotlight
Anxiety Awareness with Brittani Persha

On August 27, we organized a watch party on Anxiety Awareness at Jordan PTSA Facebook channel with Brittani Persha, a child and family therapist. Please see the recording here and go over the slideshow  from the session. You can also download the handouts here.

About Programs

Being an inaugural year for JordanHS and our PTSA we are starting off with a clean slate so to speak, and are very excited to propose some programs that have been successful in other PTSA s in our district. However, we are amidst a time of great uncertainty in the face of a national pandemic and therefore probably will have to incorporate changes and allow for flexibility in implementing. Throughout the year we welcome member input and feedback to identify programs that would best serve the interests of our students, teachers, and parent community.

Want to know more about Programs?Drop a mail at:

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