Kudos Christine, Sravya & Ashley

Congratulations to Christine Marinho, Sravya Dutta and Ashley Toler for their fantastic submissions for the 2020-2021 Reflections Program launched by Jordan PTSA in September.

Their creative expression on the theme “I matter Because…” impressed the selectors.

Reflections is a nationwide program offered by the national PTA that provides an avenue for creative expression for students K-12 in areas such as dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts.

Kudos Christine, Sravya and Ashley!

1st Place

Christine Marinho

Grade: 9

Art Category: Literature

Title of Work: Letters from the Quarantines

Artist Statement: I believe that my poem relates to the theme because it personifies some of my biggest fears and general thoughts during the pandemic. During these tough times it has become easier than ever to become "lost in the masses" and this piece is essentially a call to action for myself to hold on to my individualism and share my stories and opinions with the world.

2nd Place

Sravya Dutta

Grade 10

Art Category: Visual Arts

Title of Work: Unity in Diversity

Artist Statement: "Unity in Diversity" even though we are diversified by different colors, races and genders we all have the same human face, so let's stay UNITED! .... because I Matter......we ALL matter.

3rd Place

Ashley Toler

Grade 9

Art Category: Dance Choreography

Title of Work: You Are the Reason

Artist Statement: I matter because what I do while I'm alive could potentially leave a legacy for others. "You are the reason" is the name of my dance. It claims even within the title that "YOU" are important and matter and are the reason.