Save the Date - Fun Food Friday May 14th, 2021

Save Friday, May 14th for an exciting Fun Food Friday!

To make Warrior Fridays extra special, Jordan PTSA is delighted to bring an exciting Lunch Menu for Fun Food Friday on May 14th, 2021! Pre-Order your student's lunch.

* On May 14th, limited from the menu MAY be available against cash purchases!


Don't forget to send in some cash for your students to pick items of their choice.

The Pre-Order Link is open only until May 10th, 2021. Please click on the Pre-Order Button.

Pre-Order Here

Please consider Donating: As we gear up for FFF, we look forward to your support in getting us the listed food items to make this FFF, the best ever! Do get on to Sign Up and look at the many options you can contribute towards.

Sign Up on the link below:


  • Chick fil A sandwich: Pre-order - $5.50 Cash Purchase on FFF - $6.00

  • Marcos individual pizza (Pepperoni or Cheese): Pre-order $7.50 Cash Purchase on FFF $8.00

  • Canes - Two Chicken Strips, Toast and Sauce: Pre-order $7.50 Cash Purchase on FFF $8.00 (only a few extras will be provided )

  • Drinks and Chips: Cash Purchase on FFF $1

  • Candy: Cash Purchase on FFF $2

​**limited food options MAY be available for purchase on Friday. Only preorders will be guaranteed.

Pre-Order by May 10th.

If you have any questions regarding Fun Food Friday, please reach out to Gisela Sandrea on

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