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Welcome Warriors!

Cathy Conde

President, JordanPTSA 

Hello Warrior families!

My name is Cathy Conde and I am Jordan High school’s PTSA President. I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful community and to be able to contribute in a meaningful way. I am excited for this school year and looking forward to working with a passionate team of PTSA volunteers, families and school staff to ensure Jordan High School reaches its greatest potential.  My daughter Leila is an incoming freshman at Jordan High.

Although we are experiencing unprecedented times due to the Covid pandemic I am extremely optimistic that we can make this a wonderful year for all our students and staff. Your new PTSA board has had a busy summer exploring programs and opportunities that the students and staff can leverage in the unique situation that we find ourselves in.


Our program blueprint encompasses academic opportunities like test preparations, speaker sessions on health & wellbeing, creating a scholarship fund, enabling support for our staff and so on. The PTSA board is mindfully crafting these programs to deliver them in person and virtually. In our inaugural year, we are faced with plenty of firsts which is daunting and exciting all at the same time. We will need a lot of your encouragement, support, and partnership to make a difference.

Here are some of the ways you could support us:

  • Become a member of Jordan High School PTSA. Participate in PTSA meetings, share your voice and get involved in programs. Check out our Membership Page and get to know the benefits of becoming a member.

  • Volunteer with us. Volunteers are the backbone of all PTSA events/programs. Subscribe to PTSA newsletter, join our social channels to know the volunteering opportunities.

  • Donate generously to our fundraising campaigns. We cannot do without your support.

  • Revel in Warrior pride - Buy Jordan Spiritwear

  • Bookmark JORDANPTSA.ORG our website and visit it often, join our social pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Please feel free to reach out to me or to your board members if you have any questions. On behalf of Jordan PTSA board, I thank you for your support and looking forward to making us this year successful for everyone involved!


Cathy Conde


Jordan High School PTSA Team

Cathy Conde, President
Dr. Ethan Crowell, Principal
Angelle Babin, VP Volunteers
Monica Jung, VP Membership
Sheheli Jahan, VP Programs
Priya Tuli, VP Communications
Ellen Hauser, Secretary
Jennifer Lowry, Treasurer
Candie Morgan, Fundraising
Kristi Thibodeaux, Parliamentarian
Gisela Sandrea, Fun Food Frenzy
Mabel Florentino, Social media
Kelly Moncada, Reflections Coordinator
Darlene Armijo, Spiritwear Co-ordinator
Diana Cooley, Hospitality
Historian: Position Available
Renee White, Council Delegate
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Do you need to reach out to the board for a specific query?  Drop a mail at:

Get in touch with the board.  Drop a mail at:

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