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Write-A-Check Campaign


Jordan PTSA would be honored to have you make a donation to our campaign. The Write-A-Check campaign is one of the simplest ways to help support our school. Your check will aid in our efforts to bring excellent opportunities to our Jordan students, teachers, parents, and community. 


The Write-A-Check Campaign is a donation-only program, and your check can be for any amount of your choosing.


And as always...

  • Your generous donations are 100% Tax Deductible

  • And 100% goes back into the school

Here is how to make a donation:

  1. Click on Donate Button on our School Store

  2. Please fill out the form on this page and return it with your check made out to Jordan High School PTSA  to the Front office. Your canceled check will serve as your receipt.

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Jordan PTSA - Community Sponsorship Program

Jordan PTSA is delighted to have a generous and involved community to support Jordan High School, teachers and students. We invite the thriving community to become our Inaugural Year Community Sponsors!

Who are Community Sponsors?


It is the proprietor or management of a local business in our community that is vested in helping our school THRIVE! In turn, Jordan PTSA contributes back to our students, teachers, and members, through providing various programs, student scholarships, and teacher grants.

  • By contributing, your company will be advertised on our Jordan PTSA website, and/or social media sites.

  • Jordan High School PTSA is a 501c3 non-profit organization, for which your donations are tax-deductible.

If this is you... Then welcome to the WARRIOR family!

Please contact us at fundraising@jordanptsa.org with this completed form (download here)  and we will happily make the arrangements to receive your Community Sponsorship.

Choice of Sponsorship Level


  • PLATINUM $500(+)

  • GOLD $350

  • ONYX $200

  • SILVER $100

  • OPAL $50

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Thank you for your generosity! If you have any questions, Drop an email at: