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Great Savings on Spirit Wear Bundles!

Get your favorite Jordan HS Spirit Wear for a special Bundled Pricing!

These thoughtfully created bundles are especially attractive for our incoming 9th-grade students, as they get all the popular items at a terrific price!

Get these Spirit Wear Bundle and Holiday Bundles before the sale ends!!

Holiday Bundle

Holiday Bundle

Contains: Inaugural Warrior Shirt; Warrior T-Shirt in Black, Grey or White;

Warrior Water Bottle Clear or Grey; and

Large Warrior Car Decal. (5 inches)

Original Price: $51

Bundle Price: $34

8th Grade Bundle Special

Contains:Warrior T-shirt in White, Black or Gray;

Warrior Lanyard in Black or White;

Warrior Water Bottle Clear or Gray; &

Large Warrior Decal (5 inches)

Original Price: $36 

Special Bundle Price: $22

Holiday Bundle

The bundle sale is for all current students and incoming students!!! 

You can purchase directly from too! (Look for Bundles in Product Categories)

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