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Being an inaugural year for JordanHS and our PTSA we are starting off with a clean slate so to speak, and are very excited to propose some programs that have been successful in other PTSA s in our district. However, we are amidst a time of great uncertainty in the face of a national pandemic and therefore probably will have to incorporate changes and allow for flexibility in implementing. Throughout the year we welcome member input and feedback to identify programs that would best serve the interests of our students, teachers, and parent community.

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Jordan PTSA programs serve as a tool to inform and educate the membership on current issues, create an avenue for collaboration between parents, teachers, students and the community, celebrate student success and inspire action. Our Programs through the year will be divided into the following areas:

  • Reflections: Fine Arts competition encouraging students to express themselves through a variety of visual arts mediums

  • Teacher Grants: Fund teacher awards, training above and beyond what is not covered by the ISD but will help enhance and enrich.


  • Hospitality: For staff and teacher appreciation


  • Red Ribbon Week: ISD wide initiative to engage and involve the community and reflect community spirit and values through a community-wide established theme.


  • Speakers: Inviting Experts to speak on topics relevant to students, with emphasis on mental health and safety during Pandemic, both for students and parents, educational and motivational


  • Scholarships:  For our senior class


Moving forward the Programs from Jordan High School PTSA would include:

  • CRASH-

  • SAT prep classes

  • College prep help

  • Arts in Education program

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